Assembly and test line Daimler

The end client of this project is company ITW Pronovia. The project comprises close collaboration with our partner company ATS – aplikované technické systémy s.r.o.

The assembly line consists of two stations (assembly and testing). In the assembly one, the product is prepared without functional sealings, i.e. what happens here is for example pneumatic screws compression, preparation and loading of the other partial components into the thermostat body. The result is fully automated assembly into the functional unit.

The test station is controlled by two operators, the first one prepares and packe final pieces after testing. The second one is attending the turning table in which, at the same time puts sealing gaskets and safety clips. Fully automated proces follows and has three testing units, i.e. there is testing of three pieces at the same time. 

We thank our partners for their cooperation

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