Assembly and testing line of gas blending valve

The first part of the line, where assembly takes place, contains in large part manual workplace, where qualitative inspection is implemented with the help of optical systems and the inspection of the individual components presence. To bolt the product together is used automatic screwdriver with feeder and container. The screwdriver is placed at two-axis adjustable system that ensures accurate and fast tightening of all screws at required positions. The adjustable system is controlled with servomotor.

Behind the assembly stations are two testing ones. On the first one, the product is, after the safety cover goes down, automatically fastened from all four sides. Then, with the help of testing device, the tightness of the individual parts of the product and the function is checked. On the following station, in revs fullness, the ventilator function is being checked. The flow rate is measured with precise flowmeter that is connected at the outlet of the valve.

After performing all tests, the product is moved to the final station where assembly and packaging into the boxes take place. The line comprises also of analytical workplace that serves for manual disassembly of the incorrectly assembled pieces

The project is rendered in close collaboration with our partner company ATS – aplikované technické systémy s.r.o.

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