Automation of crimp forming machine

The project deals with the complete delivery of automated device for forming endings of aluminium tubes. The line consists of entrance container, four independent handling portals, outlet container of the completed tubes and two vibratory feeders for automatic components serving. The entrance container serves for insertion of up to 300 pcs of aluminium tubes of length 90 – 2000 mm. Automatic serving takes place in the feeder as well as greasing the inner diameter with the oil mist and aluminium tube centering into the starting position.

On the upper fixed frame are moving four independent handling portals that pass the formed tubes between the operations. Portals adjustment is secured with servo-drive with absolute encoder and for holding the tubes are used pneumatic grippers.


In the last forming machine, the ending that is pressed onto the product is dosed automatically into the machine with the help of two feeders. Vibratory feeders have capacity for 300 pcs of components and 3 types of products. The production process is controlled with sensors and before the last operation, the forming ending is checked with digital profilometer and subsequently the piece is put into the OK/NOK feeder.


When the feeders are filled up and the final product is chosen, the line works automatically in the production cycle of 12 seconds and the operator comes only at times to check the status, alternatively refill the entrance feeder or empty the output one.

The line is controlled with PLC system SIMATIC and all the sensors, valves and control elements are connected with digital communication I/O link.

The customer is company Hanon Systems Autopal s.r.o.

 - Industrial automation - Automation of crimp forming machine

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