Test station of the AdBlue detector

Project is being developed for Bosch.

Project is being implemented in close cooperation with partner company ATS (Applied Technical Systems).

The project deals with a station for testing detectors of liquid level height AdBlue. Detector is fastened into a precise preparation that is dived down the AdBlue liquid inside the stainless testing container. Container includes reflective area that is precisely adjusted with the help of serve system. To calibrate the whole device, there has been developed a preparation with tensiometer that sets the exact pushing force of the serve system for precise setting of reflective area and testing detector distance.

The station is made of Bosch profiles, covered with polycarbonated and stainless guards. For easy manipulation with the station are used sheave wheels. With respect to the AdBlue liquid properties, a testing container as well as the individual components are manufactured of stainless steel and high-quality plastic materials. Part of the station is a superior control system with processor Intel Core i7 which conducts the testing process and evaluation of the measured outcomes.  

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