We kindly invite you to attend at the MMT Service Course combined with the MMT Product Training Course.

Courses will be held in Olomouc, Czech Republic at the MMT new headquarters at the beginning of year 2017.

MMT Service course + MMT Product Training Course:

21st - 22nd February 2017 and
7th - 8th March 2017

MMT Service Course -  aim is to train technical persons with all practical aspects of our urodynamic product concerning installation, maintenance, basic repairs and proper care of our equipment. We will also present you a new trends in technical solutions, improved software and new products. Important part of the Course will be practical training with hands on our devices.

MMT Product Training Course - aim is to train sales and marketing managers with the best aspects of presentation and sale of MMT urodynamic portfolio in today's demanding market, how to explain and use the best experience concerning MMT products and how to create the best configuration to fully satisfy your customers.

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