TRYSTOM around the earth

As we have informed you last year, we set a goal to try to ride around the Earth on our bikes. That involved to cover more than 40.000 km.


1 stage took place from 1st April 2019 – 31th December 2019

2 stage took place from 1st April 2020 – 15th June 2020


The results of our company effort were announced within a traditional summer get-together that was held on 19th June.


It was not an easy challenge and we worked up a sweat but we made it! After counting all the kilometres, we reached the number 40.091. So it was by a hair but we got there J


We would like to express our thanks to all the employees who contributed to conquer the set limit.


Below, you can find the evaluation. Who celebrated on winners' podium and was deservedly rewarded?


The fifth place belongs to our sales expert Michal Mareš, who scored 2.378 km.



The fourth spot won Petr Urbášek who registered superb 2.950 km.



The bronze pertains to Honza Kolenyák and his wonderful 4.040 km.



Our production director Kamil Žlutíř gained the silver medal. He collected impressive 4.360 km.



And finally the gold! The highest rank was obtained by our one and only Jirka Kapl, who proved that bicycles are his domain. 8.990,5 km! Incredible result.




We thank our partners for their cooperation

We are currently seeking capable colleagues for the following positions