We are well aware of the fact that behind the success of a company are, above all, people.

Their day-to-day diligent work, cohesiveness and loyalty. Therefore, we have decided to reveal a little bit more, who actually hides behind the Trystom curtain, our innovative ideas and projects.

Obviously, we cannot start anywhere else than on the top of the pyramid, that is with our boss, Marek.

Marek Švarc

A crucial figure in Trystom is, of course, its managing director Marek Švarc. Without him, the company we came to know, would not exist. He jumped into the running train while still quite young. He started to run the company when he was thirty years old. During this period of time, the company experinced a great deal of bold changes and significant steps forward, both in the technological field and management.

Trystom, in his case, meant a childhood dream that came true, but soon after has become a mission in life. His profession allows him to leave unerasable mark and leadership of the company, like Trystom, is for him also a way of how to help people, facilitate their work and save precious time.

Marek always had a clear vision, he has strong determination. But a great leader cannot make it on its own, he could not do neither without first-class team of colleagues nor without support of his family, wife Romana and their four kids. Marek deeply appreciates people close to him, he values their loyalty, effort and desire to keep getting better.

But under all circumstances, he is still a human from flesh and blood. He dedicates his free time to all kinds of sports, he enjoys running, driving a motorbike, and from time to time, he sins with his favourite sweets or right pint of plzeň beer.

On who will we be focusing time? The second part belongs to our „magnificent 9“, aka design and development department. Since the fundamental things begin to happen exactly here :)

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