Third part of the Trystom insider is here…

Lukáš works as a technological support in the production department, in short, he is the right hand of our chief of production and realization department, Kamil. This position has been created just recently but proved to be very beneficial by bringing many positive changes. In his free time, Lukáš dedicates to professional dancing and though he gives the opposite impression, he has a sweet tooth and is fond of baking.


What kind of company we would be without having a reliable materials buyer. Martin is, let’s say, sort of our motor mouse. With one foot in the office, the other in the field. Orders, purchases, takes, gets, and all over again. And although his days are quite often very busy, he always has a smile on his face. As his biggest hobby considers cooking, his speciality is spicy food.


Don’t get confused with the gentle name, Kamil can as a proper head of production and realization, arrange order :) And who would think that as a boss he has a bigger comfort, believe us, that he is on his „mark“ already at 5,30, every single day. So, he gives a lead to his subordinates. In Trystom, he has been working for ten years and his favourite pastime is sport – from skiing to roller skating.

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