Check out the fourth episode of company insider, this time we will focus on our superhero section :)

Marťa „Hulk“ Skýpala

Marťa works at Trystom for 2 years and he is quite content with the possibility of constantly learning new things, moreover, in superb group of people. He cleans his head in the gym, by listening good music or heads for new adventures on his motorcycle.

Marťa „Robin“ Ruszó

Marťa is Trystom employee for a year and bit. He likes his job among great, realiable team members. When he has time off, he prefers doing all kinds of sports. His realm are outdoor activities, he is fond of mountain climbing, sleeping in the open air and struming the guitar by the campfire.

Míra „Thor“ Halenár

Soon will celebrate second anniversary in the company. His work brings him joy and praises his colleagues who take their job seriously but at the same time can make fun of themselves. His great hobby is making airplane models and „switches off“ also while playing bowling or listening to music.

Ráďa „Superman“ Konštacký

Old hand at our mechanical department and obviously, man of steel. He likes his boys though he would surely welcome having from steel also nerves, not only just suit :) He is a fan of military veteran cars and likes to read a good book.

Pavel „Octopus“ Chorý

Pavel is a Trystom rookie and is getting used to everything and gaining necessary experienc He is looking forward to new challenges. As his biggest hobby states hiking, trains rowing and is proud grandfather of little princess.

Pepa „Electro“ Jiříček

Pepa is a Trystom veteran, he started to work here when the company was founded, in 1993. Despite all these served years, he continues to feel the adrenalin before the first power up. According to his words, this feeling is irreplaceable. After working hours, he likes to spend time with his grandchildren, listens to music and is a versatile DIY.

Tom „Aquaman“ Rečka

He assembles for Trystom for fourth year. Enjoys his work and appreciates the possibility to explore places which would be otherwise impossible to visit and see. Travelling is generally his big passion. Just as sport. On regular basis, for example dedicates to swimming.

Ondra „Kapitán Amerika“ Hrubý

Although he does not look like it, he carries on with Trystom for already ten years, started right after finishing school. Since he was a little kid he has enjoyed lego and precise mechanics which has grown to his love for great machines. In his free time trains archery and devotes to family.

Marťa „Wolverine“ Čarek

He found his was to Trystom in 2016. He is fascinated by new technologies, progressive hi-tech devices and enjoys discovering new alternatives while working. His job takes also as an avocation. Relaxes actively, for example while playing paintball. He also likes to improve his family nest.

Jirka „Hawkeye“ Bártek

Jirka embeded in Trystom 8 years ago. He is a great perfectionist with trained eye and what brings him joy the most is when he can see a final result of his work effort. His leisure activities include spending time outside, preferably works on his family house and garden.

Peťa „Ghost Rider“ Žlutíř

Peťa joined Trystom group 3 years ago. As the biggest asset of his work considers variedness and a fact that it is impossible to get bored. He fills his free time with doing sports or riding a motorbike.


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