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We always strive to function both ways – externally (with our ideas, experience and skills facilitating the implementation of projects generating profit for our customers) and internally (with our positive approach and wisdom providing all colleagues with room for professional self-realization and the so much necessary feeling of work well done).

The Trystom Group’s strength lies in people and their professionalism, experience, diligence, and, in particular, their hearts.

Only a good person can create good things, whether internally or externally. Only a good person can contribute to the success of a company and its customers.


Being a technician from heart, my work helps people around me, as well as those I have never met before. The feeling is uplifting and is a source of incredible energy.

I could name a lot of successful moments for our company on behalf of the division of Industrial Automation and the Medical division, along with their development, successful development projects, international scientific cooperation, various innovativeness awards, an almost zero fluctuation of employees, etc. However, what I consider much important are the values that I have described and that we are particular about.

For the whole Trystom team
Yours faithfully Marek Švarc

number of employees 45
floor area 800 m2

Establishment of Trystom through the privatization of the Development Laboratories and Workshops of Palacký University in Olomouc

number of employees 30
floor area 600 m2

Relocation to a newly renovated building at Pasteurova 15, Olomouc

number of employees 28
floor area 600 m2

Complete heat-up of the company’s registered office to the height of 120 cm in the overflowing of the Morava river

number of employees 20
floor area 600 m2

Entry of the current owner Marek Švarc in the company at the position of a designer / development technician

number of employees 18
floor area 800 m2

Marek Švarc becomes the Director and a one-third co-owner of the company

number of employees 30
floor area 1 200 m2

Marek Švarc as the sole owner of the company and, alongside the section of Laboratory and Medical Technology, he establishes the division of Industrial Automation

number of employees 36
floor area 1 200 m2

Implementation of projects for the company’s technological development – renovation of premises, a significant extension of the machinery and IT infrastructure 

number of employees 46
floor area 1 500 m2

Acquisition of the subsidiary MMT specializing in the development and production of medical technology – urodynamic equipment

number of employees 55
floor area 1 800 m2

Company’s extension by new production installation and warehouse premises in FROL’s area

number of employees 60
floor area 1 800m2

Implementation of the ERP information system QI for the efficient management of projects

number of employees 70
floor area 2 400 m2

Further extension of the production and installation premises in FROL’s area


Our ideas, diligence, experience and skilfulness will help you implement your visions. We develop technology for people’s good and build machinery that help people. Creatively, precisely and responsibly.

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