About us

TRYSTOM, spol. s.r.o., was set up in 1993 when the Development Laboratories and workshops of the Palacký University in Olomouc were privatised with the intention to continue in the long tradition of development and production of laboratory and medical equipment.

TRYSTOM founders


Petr Pospíšil / long-standing company director

Petr Pospíšil

long-standing company director
Jaroslav Hradil / chief design engineer

Jaroslav Hradil

long-standing chief design engineer
Radomír Facek / head of production and technologist

Radomír Facek

long-standing head of production
and technologist


Thanks to significant achievements in this sector, the company gradually expanded with concurrent diversification of its production programme.

Marek Švarc / TRYSTOM company director

Marek Švarc

TRYSTOM company director

The new co-owner and director, Marek Švarc, joined the company in 2005 and, in addition to the Laboratory and Medical Technology division, launched TRYSTOM’s Industrial Automation division. Currently, the implementation of projects in industrial automation, alternatively automation of production processes, accounts for more than half of the company's annual turnover.

Marek Švarc assumed sole ownership of the company in 2008 paving the way forward for several key technology-related investment projects and personnel development.

TRYSTOM is a small company with 41 permanent employees (2019) who are experts in their professions concerning the development and production of laboratory and medical equipment, and design and turn-key supply of industrial automation equipment; namely, designers, electrical project engineers, installation technicians, electrical fitters, mechanical fitters, welders and CNC machinists.

Company production and technical facilities

  • MCV 750 SPEED CNC four-axis machining centre
  • MCV 1270 SPEED four-axis machining centre
  • MCV 750 SPEED milling machine
  • MASTURN 550 CNC lathe
  • STRATASYS FORTUS 250mc 3 D printer

And this is our team in 2015

Company team TRYSTOM in 2015


Týmy Trystomu a MMT pohromadě

ISO certification

TRYSTOM possesses the Quality Management System certificate in accordance with ISO 9001/2015 since 1999 and subsequently for

  • Development, production and service of laboratory equipment
    and from 2005 also for
  • Development and production of equipment for industrial automation

The certificates are successfully renewed every year by recertification audits.


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