As we have promised, in the second part of our Trystom „snooper“, we will look into our design and development department, or as we like to call them, the magnificent 9“. Actually, freshly 10. The team got a little bit bigger once again. Welcome, David!

Eliška is our congenial and talented temporary worker, in short, an adorment of the whole team. Boys pamper her, blame them :) There is even a possibility that after she graduates, the wind will blow her again towards us. Surely nobody would protest.

Marťa is quite new in the department. He started to work in Trystom last summer. As he says, he has found a great group of people who pull together. His favourite pastime is sport, for example, he engages in triathlon.

Míša has „parked“ in Trystom three years ago. In the department worked initially as a helper but his skills predestined him to become a part of our team, let’s hope, for good :) What he likes the most about his job is a fact that it never gets boring. As his biggest hobby considers cycling.

Venca spends his eight year in Trystom. The seven years crisis is, it seems, averted :) He appreciates responsiveness and support of his superiors. He is enthusiastic about all kinds of sports and enjoys traveling. He made for example a tour to Iceland, completely on his own, and spent there several weeks.

Gil, our intern, brings to the company the much needed pinch of exoticism. He found his way to Trystom from faraway Mexico. Originally planned to spend here one year but eventually, he has grown to like this place as well as the people and decided to prolong his stay. We could not be more happier about it. He continues to study the field further and if he has time, travels.

Zdenda, the oldest and most experienced in the department. Soon, he will celebrate ten years in the company. Work is also his avocation. He enjoys swimming, various cultural activities and dutifully studies english language.

It will soon be two years since Mara’s CV appeared. He is happy with the diversity of projects he can work on. Recently, he became two-time daddy (congratulations :)), so if he is not working, he spends his free moments with family.

Zdeňa “draws“ for us almost for four years. Working in Trystom fulfills him and feels its beneficial effect. In spare time prefers to relax with his wife and kids, two little cute daughters, Matylda and Albína.

Peťa boarded Trystom two years ago and feels that he found his harbour. He values a wonderful team of co-workers and nice atmosphere. Besides his job, other passions include modelling or shooting. So it is inadvisable to tease him :)

And our newcomer? Initially, David was helping us for some time. But the destiny decided that he became attached to Trystom and vice versa :). He is very fond of music, actively plays the guitar and would not reject a good meal. 


A here is the „superintendent“ of this station, Petr. He is in charge of the team since 2010. Naturally, he tirelessly „whips“ them to the best results possible and with his eagle-eye watches over the quality of work. His function makes him feel in his element, at the same time it is an everyday challenge. This four-times grandfather dedicates his free hours to his family, he likes to discover foreign countries and skiing.


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