So far, it looks that we have only men in the company, so it is time to introduce also our wonder women, who are absolutely indispensable in Trystom :).

Domain of our Jituš are numbers, since she is a company economist and is charge of personnel. We can say that she is responsible for the most important and that one day, she will surely count it all to us :). She works for Trystom for a long time, since 1998. Would you say that she is a mother of two grown-up daughters and is two-time grandmother? Her hobbies vary. She likes to keep fit and does exercise, spends time with her family and takes care of her garden.



Danča is in charge of sales and marketing department. As she is, at the same, the right hand of our estimated director, her scope of work is sometimes quite colourful :). Soon, it will be five years since her start in Trystom. Free time dedicates to her family, music, foreign languages, swimming and her two dogs.


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